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8 Fourth of July Activities for Kids

8 4th of July Activities for Kids

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8 4th of July Activities for Kids

The Fourth of July is a day filled with celebration and joy. To keep the young ones entertained and engaged, here are eight fun and creative activities that will add a burst of patriotic spirit to your Independence Day festivities.

1. Star Shaped Ice Painting

Materials Needed:


  1. Fill the star-shaped ice molds with water and freeze until solid.

  2. Once frozen, let the kids paint the ice cubes with patriotic watercolors. We did this in our water table, or this can be done in a tray.

  3. Watch as the colors swirl and mix, creating beautiful patterns on the paper.

This activity is perfect for keeping kids cool and entertained on a hot summer day.

2. Patriotic Bubble Foam

Materials Needed:


  1. Mix a couple table spoons of dish soap, 1/2 cup water, and liquid watercolors in a blender to create colorful foam.

  2. Pour the foam into large bowls or tubs.

  3. Add scoops and pretend ice cream cones for imaginative play.

Kids will love making and playing with this patriotic-colored foam.

3. Star Shaped Melted Pony Beads

Materials Needed:


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C).

  2. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place the metal cookie cutters on it.

  3. Fill the cookie cutters with pony beads.

  4. Bake for 5-10 minutes, checking frequently. The beads should melt flat without visible bumps.

  5. Let cool, then pop the melted stars out of the cookie cutters.

These vibrant stars make great decorations or keepsakes.

4. Magic Milk Fireworks

Materials Needed:

  • Whole milk

  • Food coloring

  • Dawn dish soap

  • Q-tips

  • Bowl or container


  1. Pour the whole milk into a bowl or container.

  2. Add drops of food coloring throughout the milk.

  3. Dip a Q-tip into the dish soap, then touch it to the food coloring in the milk.

  4. Watch as the colors burst and create fireworks-like patterns.

This activity combines art and science for a mesmerizing experience.

5. Patriotic Salad Spinner Art

Materials Needed:


  1. Place the paper inside the salad spinner.

  2. Add drops of red and blue paint.

  3. Close the lid and spin to create unique, patriotic designs.

This spin art activity is both fun and creative, perfect for kids of all ages.

6. Tape Resist Pom Pom Painting

Materials Needed:


  1. Use painter’s tape to create star shapes or stripes on the canvas or paper.

  2. Clip a pom pom to a clothespin to use as a paintbrush.

  3. Dip the pom pom in paint and dab around the taped areas.

  4. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape to reveal the patriotic designs.

This activity encourages fine motor skills and creativity.

7. Patriotic Sensory Bin with Dyed Rice and Dollar Tree Items

Materials Needed:

  • Uncooked rice

  • Red and blue food coloring

  • Vinegar

  • Large bin

  • Small patriotic-themed toys and items (from Dollar Tree)


  1. Dye the rice by mixing it with food coloring and a small amount of vinegar, then let it dry.

  2. Fill a large bin with the dyed rice.

  3. Add small patriotic-themed toys and items for the kids to discover and play with.

Sensory bins provide hours of tactile exploration and imaginative play.

8. Fireworks in Water with Cooking Oil, Water, and Food Coloring

Materials Needed:

  • Cooking oil

  • Liquid food coloring

  • Glass of warm water

  • Small container

  • Fork


  1. Add a few tablespoons of cooking oil to a small container.

  2. Drop food coloring into the oil. The food coloring won’t mix with the oil.

  3. Use a fork to swish the oil and food coloring to create smaller droplets.

  4. Slowly pour the oil with food coloring droplets into a glass of warm water.

  5. Watch as the droplets move through the water, creating fireworks-like patterns.

This simple science experiment is visually stunning and educational.

These activities will not only keep your kids entertained but also fill your Fourth of July celebrations with creativity and fun. Enjoy the day with these exciting, patriotic projects. Happy Independence Day!

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