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Alphabet Shark Food

Engaging children in interactive and educational activities is a great way to make learning fun. In this tutorial, I'll guide you through creating an exciting free alphabet sensory game using a shark face, alphabet fish, and a sensory bin. Kids will have fun searching for the alphabet fish and "feeding" them to the shark. Simple and fun, let's dive in!

Materials Needed:

  • Free Shark face template and alphabet fish (printable)

  • Card-stock Toilet paper roll

  • Scissors/X-acto knife

  • Tape

  • Sensory bin (e.g., a large container or tray filled with rice, beans, or sensory materials)

  • Additional sensory materials (e.g., shells, small toys, or textured objects, scoopers)

Step 1: Print the Shark Face: Find a shark face template on card-stock. Cut out the shark face along the outline and inside the mouth. Leave the teeth. Print and cut out the alphabet fish.

Step 2: Secure the shark face onto the toilet paper roll using tape. Make sure the shark's mouth opens over the center of the roll and is accessible for the fish letters to be inserted.

Step 3: (Optional) Set Up the Sensory Bin: Choose a suitable container or tray to serve as the sensory bin. Fill it with an ocean themed sensory material of your choice, such as rice, beans, or sand. Add additional sensory elements like shells or small toys to enhance the tactile experience. Spread the materials evenly in the bin, creating a sensory-rich environment.

Step 4: Hide the Fish Letters Gently mix the fish letters into the sensory materials in the bin, burying them partially or hiding them from view. You can bury the letters in a random manner or in a specific order to spell words or your child's name. Ensure the fish letters are well-distributed throughout the sensory bin.

Step 6: Play the Alphabet Sensory Game Invite your child to participate in the game. Explain that they will be searching for fish letters hidden in the sensory bin. Encourage them to explore and dig through the sensory materials, finding letters and feeding them to the shark the letters one by one.

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