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Books That Celebrate Spring Weather

“The promise of spring’s arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter!”

-Jen Selinksy


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Living in New England means long and cold winters. I’m the kind of person that prays for a white Christmas, but once Christmas passes I’m ready for spring! Currently, our learning theme is Spring Weather. I gathered together a list of our favorite books to read when studying Spring Weather. These books focus the most common weather we see here in the spring, rain, rainbows, and wind.


We love a good rainy day adventure, so I love how all these books celebrate rain.

A simple story, perfect for young children, about how both children and worms, love the rain.

An illustrated story of the classic song. We love looking at all the beautiful pictures, while singing along.

This sweet story is about a little boys desire to go out and play in the rain, but the grandfather continues to tell him to wait. He imagines all the fun things they can do in the rain, and finally the Grandpa agrees that it's time to go out and catch the post. They experience an imaginative voyage on their way, and agree that “the best things are always worth waiting for”.


I’m pretty sure adults are just as fascinated by rainbows as children. Who doesn’t get excited when they see a rainbow? This classic book, is about a boy imagining what it would be like to have a rainbow of his own, and after imagining it, comes home and sees one on his wall.

This story doesn’t just talk about rainbows, but covers a lot of important topics and themes. In this story, the sun and the cloud get so angry at each other that they stop working together and the world turns black and white. A lone box of crayons, work together to bring color back to the world. It covers the topics of conflict between friends, helping others, working together, perseverance, emotions and a world without color. All while being an adorable story for children.

We love the Elmer book series in our house, and its’ colorful illustrations. When the rainbow loses its colors Elmer decides to give away his.


This cute board book is great for toddlers and preschoolers. It has many examples of what happens when the wind blows. The illustrations do a great job at showing a visual to help young children learn more about wind, while being entertained by a beautiful, simple story.

This educational book is great for learning all about wind. I really enjoy reading the books in the Let’s Read and Find Out Science 2 series, to my 5 year old son. They do a great job at explaining scientific facts in a way that’s exciting for children.

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