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Rainbow Themed Learning Fun

Our learning theme this week was rainbows. We had so much fun finding exciting ways to incorporate this theme into our learning. Here are some of the fun activities we did and some freebies I'm sharing with you:

  1. Go on a nature rainbow scavenger hunt.

Children's nature journal activity page.  Collecting colors of the rainbow in nature.

  1. Use contact paper and create a rainbow out of tissue paper.

  1. Use rainbow sprinkles to create a tactile, sensory experience while practicing sight word recognition.

  1. For little ones, practice scooping and transferring rainbow sprinkles.

  1. Practice number bonds using this free rainbow mat and manipulatives.

free printable rainbow number bonds mat for children, part, part, whole, rainbow themed

  1. Practice learning colors with this free rainbow themed cloud matching mat.

free printable, rainbow themed color matching activity for children

  1. Learn all the colors with these free, flower flashcards.

Free printable color identification flash cards, flowers

If you enjoy these activities and freebies, please share them with me on instagram, @abalancedchildhood.

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