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Say Goodbye to Pregnancy Pains

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I know a lot of people that say they absolutely love being pregnant. I wish I could say the same. Pregnancy for me is 9 and a half months of nausea, headaches, and aches and pains. In the end it’s SO worth it, but until then, I’m finding every way possible to make myself comfortable.

Besides soaking in warm baths, I’ve found that having good body support is key. I could not have been more excited than when I opened my Leachco Back N’ Belly Pillow. Leachco was kind enough to send me the pillow in exchange for an honest review. I’ve had 2 other pregnancy pillows in the past, but neither of them compare to this one! It is firm and keeps its shape better than any other pregnancy pillow I’ve tried.

I love that I can feel comfortable and supported while I do my work during the day and when I sleep at night! As a blogger, sitting at my computer can be tiring on my body. Most of the time, sitting in a desk chair doesn’t feel comfortable enough. I can curl up on the couch or in the bed with my Back N’ Belly pillow and go to work without worrying about pain. It provides equal support for my back and belly, has an hourglass inner curve naturally fit for your body’s curves, and a machine washable/dryer safe removable cover. I’m a side sleeper so I toss from side to side all night. I love that no matter what side I’m on, I’m still cozy and comfortable. It is a pregnancy must have!

What was one of your pregnancy must haves?

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