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Sensory Play: Worth the Mess!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

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We love all things sensory play! Not only does it keep my kids occupied long enough to have some “me time”, it is amazing for brain development! By stimulating your child’s senses, sensory play strengthens your child’s sensory processing abilities. If you are experienced with sensory play, you know how messy it can get! Don’t let that deter you from such an important childhood opportunity for learning and play. Just prepare for the mess before hand and let your child help you clean it up afterwards. Trust me, the mess is worth the quiet time that you will get as a parent, and the brain development that is happening for the child!

One way to prepare for the mess, is to set up an easy to clean area for sensory play! I like to set up my Famokids play mat underneath our sensory play bins/tables! (While our Famokids play mat was kindly gifted, all opinions are that of my own.) I love how this play mat not only is super easy to clean, but it fits the aesthetic of our living spaces, so I can set it up in any room and leave it there! It breaks apart into storable squares, making it super portable so I can bring it to any room in the house as needed! When it gets messy, all I do is wipe it clean and it’s as good as new! No need to steam clean this mat! Best of all, it is non-toxic, making me feel super comfortable with my kids rolling all over it! Use code ABALANCEDCHILDHOOD here for 15% off plus free shipping!

Do you set up sensory play opportunities for your kids?

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