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Shadow Puppets, Inspired by The Lion Inside

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

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The first book inspired activity that I want to share with you all was inspired by the book, The Lion Inside, by Rachel Bright. It is a beautifully written and illustrated story about accepting our fears and finding our inner lion. Putting yourself out there can bring with it a lot of fear and anxiety. It’s easy to feel like a mouse and that the world is full of lions.

When making the decision to go forwards with this page, I experienced tons of self doubt and did a lot of soul searching. I came to the conclusion that I want my children to be brave, take chances, and follow their dreams, so I wanted to lead by example. This book is a great reminder that we’re not alone in our feelings. We all feel like a mouse sometimes and that's okay. I hope with this blog, I am able to create a community of people who can come together with their inner lion, even when they feel more like a mouse, and share and grow from one another.

To go with the story I created silhouette templates. Nolan cut them out and taped them onto sticks. We used them to retell the story through shadow play. I love a good opportunity to incorporate reading

comprehension, science, and fine motor skills, all into one fun activity. Nolan and I reviewed the science concept behind shadows: light travels from a light source until it meets an object. He also retold the story using the shadow puppets. Kenzie had fun playing with them and discovering shadows. You can find this freebie in my store HERE.

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