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4th of July Activities for Kids

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It’s finally summer in America again and that means 4th of July celebrations! We don’t always celebrate the same way every year, but one thing we make sure of, is that the kids enjoy some fun, patriotic activities! We tend to spend our 4th of July either by a pool, lake, or beach, and of coarse eating lots of yummy food! What do your families do to celebrate the 4th of July?

I wanted to share a few easy activities that you can do with your children to celebrate the holiday!

Patriotic Ice Cubes

Patriotic Water Play with star shaped ice cubes, red white and blue
Patriotic Water Play

This is the perfect outdoor sensory activity to enjoy on a hot 4th of July day! It can easily be set up indoors too! My kids loved that the ice was colorful and shaped like stars!


Sensory Bin (ours is from Target but you can use any kind of bin you’d like)

Patriotic Buckets (Dollar Tree)

Tongs (red and blue from Dollar Tree)

Red and Blue Food Coloring


Funnels/water play materials

Patriotic Sensory Play

Patriotic Sensory Bin, red white and blue sprinkles and stars
Patriotic Sensory Bin

Patriotic Sensory play with red white and blue sprinkles

Sensory play is a great activity for children of all ages. This activity was set up for my 20 month old to practice scooping and pouring.


Red, White and Blue Sensory filler (we used sprinkles but you can also dye rice)

Stars (Dollar Tree)

Patriotic Buckets (Dollar Tree)

Sensory Bin (ours was a Melissa and Doug puzzle box)


Tongs (red and blue from Dollar Tree)

Red, White, and Blue, Star Pom Pom Painting

A quick, fun, and easy patriotic painting to celebrate the 4th. All you need to do is tape down stars using painters tape (our stars were bulletin board cutouts, but you can make them out of paper/cardboard or just the painters tape). We used a pom pom and clothespin as a paint brush to create a fun texture with red and blue tempera paint. We did one color at a time, letting it dry before going on to the next. Once your canvas is covered in paint and dry, peel off the stars and reveal your creation!


Clothes pin


4th of July Star Pom Pom Painting for Children and Free USA Banner Printable
Patriotic Pom Pom Painting and Free USA Banner

If you want to download the USA banner seen in the photo above, click here to download for free!

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