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5 Children's Books that Inspire Spring Cleaning

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

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Rhyming Dust Bunnies, Jan Thomas- An adorable and fun rhyming book. The perfect silly read aloud for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Ed, Ned, and Ted, are always rhyming, but when it's Bob's (which my son cleverly pointed out does not rhyme with the other names) turn to rhyme, he doesn’t. Instead he’s warning Ed, Ned, and Ted, about the broom and the vacuum cleaner. Ed, Ned, and Ted are quick to point out to Bob that he didn't rhyme. Only the reader and Bob know what is really happening, which cracks my son up.

Hogwash, Karma Wilson- Rhyming, irony, humor, farm animals that communicate, this book has it all. My five year old son loves it. The farmer tries and tries everything possible to get his pigs to take a bath. He continues to attempt a hogwash, until finally, after getting muddy himself, he realizes that mud baths are awesome. Every time we read it we give our animals a mud bath and wash in our mud kitchen. Karma Wilson is also one of our favorite authors. Both of my kids (ages 1 1/2 and 5) love reading her bear series, including Bear Wants More.

Clean-Up Time, Elizabeth Verdick- A cute, simple story, perfect for teaching and reinforcing cleaning skills with toddlers.

BJ’s Silly Story, Steven White- This is a book I picked up years ago at a book sale. Both my kids loved Barney, and this cute flip and flap book is all about cleaning the house and finding the silly animals hiding and helping BJ clean. If you have a Barney lover in your house they'll love opening the flaps to see the silly way the animals are cleaning.

BJ's Silly Story, A Children's Read Aloud Book for Spring Cleaning
BJ's Silly Story, Steven White

Little Oink-Amy Krouse Rosenthal- This sweet little board book is all about a pig, who unlike all the other pigs he knows, likes to keep things neat. It is a cute story about making messes and cleaning that doesn’t lecture kids and instead tells a light hearted story.

Little Oink, A Children's Read Aloud book for spring cleaning
Little Oink, Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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