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For the Love of Homeschooling: Virtual Homeschool Conference

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Something incredibly special is here my friends! The 2022 For the Love of Homeschooling Virtual Conference is now LIVE!

Virtual Homeschool Conference

Join 40 speakers from all different walks of life & homeschool persuasions as they come together to share their homeschool knowledge, experiences, tips, advice, and encouragement on a variety of homeschool topics!

​Whether you're just starting out on your homeschool journey or have been homeschooling for as long as you can remember, you are sure to find a wealth of encouragement and wisdom from our speakers! Tickets are just $25USD until March 7th, after which the price increases to $97USD. Head to the link in my bio to learn more and to get your ticket now!

Topics covered include:

  • ‘A Living Education’

  • But What If They Fall Behind’

  • ‘Customizing Your Homeschool to Meet Your Family's Unique Style’

  • ‘Embarking on a Unique & Life-Giving Homeschool Journey’

Virtual Homeschool Conference Grab Bag

  • ‘Encouragement for New Homeschoolers’

  • ‘Encouragement in Homeschooling’

  • ‘Family Style Learning & Roadschooling Across the US’

  • ‘Finding Peace in Mixed Education’

  • ‘Finding Your Homeschool Flow’

  • ‘Guide to Deep Dive Planning’

  • ‘Homeschooling & Homemaking’

  • ‘Homeschooling & Working From Home - Finding Confidence & Balance’

  • ‘Homeschool Basics and Curriculum’

  • ‘Homeschooling in the Early Years’

  • ‘Homeschooling Multiple Ages the Simple Way’

  • ‘Homeschooling Multiple Children with Little Ones Around’

  • ‘Homeschooling Through Health Issues’

  • ‘How-to Crate a Scriptural-Based Philosophy’

Virtual Homeschool Conference Secular
  • ‘Interest-led Learning with an Only Child’

  • ‘Interest-led Planning: A Paradox for Unit Study Preparation’

  • ‘Learning As You Go: Homeschooling & the Finances of Homeschooling’

  • ‘Learning Through Living’

  • ‘Learning to Let Go’

  • ‘Mindfulness in Homeschooling’

  • ‘Our Homeschool Journey’

  • ‘Our Why, Our How: The Heart of Homeschooling’

  • ‘Public School to Homeschool’

  • ‘Slow & Steady Homeschool’

  • ‘The Gift of Homeschooling’

  • ‘The Kryptonite in Your Homeschool’

  • ‘The Power Hour Method’

  • ‘Together is Better’

  • ‘Tools & Strategies to Overcome Anger in Your Homeschool’

  • ‘Top 10 Homeschooling Recommendations’

Virtual Homeschool Conference

  • ‘Using Multiple Methods’

  • ‘Why Homeschooling Has Transformed My Life’

  • ‘Why We Homeschool’

  • ‘Why We Unschool’

  • ‘World Schooling at Home & Abroad’

  • ‘You Have Options’


Virtual Homeschool Conference

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